Ideas for better programming tools

Collage of sketches and screenshots from programming tools prototypes


If you are perfectly satisfied with today's programming tools and see nothing wrong with them apart from the occasional bug, this site probably won't be interesting to you.

Myself, I'm far from satisfied. I've programmed professionally since 2000, and it's also my greatest hobby and interest, but every day I'm forced to put up with suboptimal tools and paradigms because the better alternatives have either not been invented yet, or are super obscure and largely forgotten. Rather than becoming grumpy and negative, I'm here to try to help invent better tools, and maybe inspire others to do the same.

This site lists all my video talks, with transcripts, slides and sometimes clickable prototypes for each talk. Please leave your (constructive) feedback in the YouTube comments for now.

/ Emil, January 2021


Episode 1 - Design philosophy

Episode 2 - Stretchy code map

Episode 3 - Flowchart overlays

Episode 4 - Call graph navigator

Episode 5 - Collapse blocks, expand function calls

Episode 6 - Eye tracking

Coming in spring 2023!